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- Address: No. 1, Zhujiang Road, Nanwang Industrial Park, Penglai, Shandong, China

- Contact: Zhang liang xin
- Fax:+86-0535-5620168
- E-mail: 
- Web: www.chinasdyg.com

Application range: glass industry, metallurgy industry, chemical industry, electronics and semiconductor industry, energy industry, aerospace.


Oversize fused silica ceramic barrel

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Ceramic tube products refers to the size in Φ between 800-1500 x 1500-3000 - mm at one end of the flanged tubular quartz ceramic products. The material is fused quartz ceramic material. Non-magnetic, non-conductive, no air leakage under high vacuum. The temperature should not be lower than 600 degrees for long term use. Shandong YingGui company is the only company which has developed and manufactured super-size fused quartz ceramic tube. Cast steel water mouth: water mouth is one of the important refractories in the steel industry. Heat conduction coefficient is small, thermal expansion coefficient is small, thermal stability is good. Corrosion resistance to acid slag flushing, chemical resistance, suitable for pouring low manganese content of general steel.


Yinggui Industrial Ceramics

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