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- Contact: Zhang liang xin
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Application range: glass industry, metallurgy industry, chemical industry, electronics and semiconductor industry, energy industry, aerospace.


Fused silica ceramic crucible

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It is used for the melting of special glass, non-ferrous metallurgy and the calcining of rare earth, high purity alumina (gem grade) and battery materials. The quartz ceramic crucible is a key component of the polycrystalline silicon ingot furnace for solar cells. As the container for loading polycrystalline silicon raw material, it should work continuously at a high temperature of 1550 degrees to melt it. The application conditions are extremely harsh, and there are extremely strict requirements on crucible purity, strength, microstructure, high temperature performance, thermal shock stability and dimensional accuracy. Our company adopts gel molding process, with high yield and stable quality. Advantages: high purity, high strength and high disfigurement, high temperature performance and high thermal shock stability , advanced technology


Yinggui Industrial Ceramics

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