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- Address: No. 1, Zhujiang Road, Nanwang Industrial Park, Penglai, Shandong, China

- Contact: Zhang liang xin
- Fax:+86-0535-5620168
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- Web: www.chinasdyg.com

Application range: glass industry, metallurgy industry, chemical industry, electronics and semiconductor industry, energy industry, aerospace.


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The application of fused quartz ceramics in the aluminum smelting industry is characterized by good thermal insulation performance, high temperature resistance, aluminum free, high strength, no delamination, long service life. Applicable to aluminum smelting industry: aluminum rod, large flat ingots, aluminum rod production process needs key components. Flume system, filtration system, degassing system for aluminum liquid, splitter plate for casting table, transfer pipe, control rod, transfer plate, channel gate plate and other shaped parts. Production according to customer's requirement. Material performance parameters of the long-term use of temperature (℃) : the highest temperature (℃) : 1100 1650 thermal conductivity (W/m.k) : < density (kg/m3) : 1 1830 antiflex number (kg/m2) : < 100 chemical composition (SiO2) : 99.5 or higher thermal expansion...

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