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- Contact: Zhang liang xin
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Application range: glass industry, metallurgy industry, chemical industry, electronics and semiconductor industry, energy industry, aerospace.


Fused silica ceramic hollow roller

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Quartz ceramic roller is used in glass horizontal toughening furnace and metallurgical strip heat treatment furnace to support and transfer glass or metal strip. High strength, good thermal shock stability, high machining accuracy, high temperature no deformation, long service life. Stable and reliable quality, can replace importing products. Products of various specifications and models below 300X3800mm can be processed according to the requirements of user drawings. SIO2(WT%)>=99.6 volume density (g/cm) 1. 85-1.95 .Apparent porosity (%) 10-15.normal temperature compressive strength (MPa) >=65,normal temperature bending strength (MPa) >=25, high temperature bending strength (MPa) >=30 thermal expansion coefficient (X 10-6). C) <=0.6 heat conductivity (W/m. C) 0.85 surface roughness (um)...

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