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Application range: glass industry, metallurgy industry, chemical industry, electronics and semiconductor industry, energy industry, aerospace.


Float glass productionline used quartz ceramic hollow roller

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The ceramic roller is an important part of float glass production line. Used as transition roller and annealing roller for float glass production line, instead of heat-resistant steel and asbestos roller. Three links for zinc smelting industry. The condole carries brick in processing process. Supports for the electronics industry. Main features: low thermal conductivity. It can reduce the over-cooling of the edge and bottom surface of glass band and eliminate stress crack. Fused quartz ceramic roller surface finish high, do not adhere to tin dust, effectively reduce glass surface defects such as nodules. Fused quartz ceramic roller at high temperature deformation, directly improve the quality of glass products. Wear resistance is good, resulting in fewer defects, reduce roll changes, improve production efficiency and reduce costs. Steel head and roll body special connection structure, to achieve never loose. The annealing roller with a diameter of 150 is in the middle of heat-resistant steel, and the structure with quartz ceramics on the outside is 180*2350, 280*4200mm in diameter.


Yinggui Industrial Ceramics
Yinggui Industrial Ceramics
Yinggui Industrial Ceramics



280*4200mm transition roller


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