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News Detail

Industrial ceramics are made of high quality and high purity raw materials.

2018/11/12 14:51

Ceramic material is a kind of important inorganic nonmetal material except metal and polymer. Industrial ceramic materials are usually composed of crystalline phase, glass phase and gas phase, in which the crystal phase is the most important component, the structure, morphology, quantity and distribution determine the properties of ceramic materials.

Industrial ceramics is a high quality and high purity raw materials, can accurately control the chemical composition, in accordance with the convenient structure design and manufacturing methods, sub mechanical manufacturing and processing with special properties of ceramics. High strength, high hardness, high chemical stability, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and other mechanical and thermal properties of ceramic materials are mainly used in industrial production. Industrial ceramics can be divided into oxide ceramics, nitride ceramics, silicon carbide ceramics, carbide ceramics and other compound ceramics according to the chemical composition.

In most cases, the maximum cost of an enterprise is an unexpected shutdown which causes the loss of production time.

To increase the overall cost of a repair, to be far higher than the cost of selecting outstanding materials.